Who we are

The Bureau of Anticrime Policy is composed of consultants in the fields of Criminology and Criminal Justice.  These experts possess solid academic credentials, and national and international scholarly reputations.  The primary functions of this group of consultants are to explore the dynamics of crime in any geopolitical context in Latin America (or in the world) and to formulate strategies for direct intervention to combat criminality.  The Bureau of Anticrime Policy provides professional support in order to prevent the rise in criminality on a national scale.  During the period of consultation by highly trained individuals, the members of the team work in concert with government officials who have direct occupational responsibility for dealing with the crime problem in any country. 

The professional intervention involves the implementation of multilateral projects by our team with the objective of replacing one-dimensional public policies.  Usually, current policies lack a comprehensive approach that is necessary in order to stop the sudden or gradual increase in the criminal rate.  Due to their one-dimensionality, these policies have a marginal, temporal, or null effect because they are not designed to confront the socioeconomic, political, and cultural conditions behind the crime problem.  In fact, many of these traditional anticrime policies are the equivalent of doing nothing concerning criminality (crime continues to increase, victimizing the population and interfering with economic activities).  This apparent inertia regarding crime is perceived by the criminal element in the population as a “governmental disregard” towards this problem.  After detecting the lack of an efficient official intervention with respect to criminality, the antisocial network interprets this absence of protection and reaction to crime as an excellent opportunity to continue its criminal activities with presumed impunity.  In this sense, the one-dimensional anticrime policy in Latin America is criminogenic (causes and accelerates crime).

In the last ten years the crime problem in Latin America has reflected a pattern of consistent escalation.  Criminal violence has become a true national emergency in certain countries, victimizing populations in a recalcitrant manner, interfering with economic development and the social peace in all facets.  As the result of its alarming intensity, the crime problem and the issue of personal and commercial insecurity in Latin America require an urgent and consistent intervention outside of the framework of traditional interventions.

In contrast to this literal picture of impotence before the persistent advance of criminality in Latin America, the Bureau of Anticrime Policy offers a sound alternative of facing this problem by means of a comprehensive plan oriented to diminish the negative impact of delinquency. This plan is designed according to the specific type of intervention needed in any Latin American nation with respect to crime. The strategic design of this project is constructed after taking into account the unique or particular nature of the multiple factors accelerating criminal activities in a particular Latin American nation. This team of experts not only provides formulations of public policy to fight criminality, but the consultants additionally offer the necessary support during the process of implementation of the anticrime recommendations within the referred plan. This particular mechanism of support is also included in the project as one of its stages.