The Project

The project consists of a plan of simultaneous, multilateral, and direct intervention in order to minimize criminality and to establish citizen security in any geopolitical context. The Bureau of Anticrime Policy examines the socioeconomic, political, and cultural dynamics of the nation adopting the project to formulate public policy destined to reduce crime.  Although the project contains a generic framework, the formulations of public policy are strictly exclusive to fight the problem of crime in the nation adopting the plan.  This means that the project that is offered is not intended to address the criminal problem of another country or geopolitical organization. Indeed, this plan is designed and adapted to consider the idiosyncratic nature of the crime problem experienced by the nation under the scrutiny of the bureau.  The exclusive design of the project is not tailored to examine the criminality of different geographic areas or other countries within the Latin American block.

The project itself is in a comprehensive document (of approximately 28 to 30 pages) explaining in detail its constitutive elements.  Among these elements are the framework, the research methodology, the pattern of criminality in the country under analysis, the procedures to be followed in the task of formulation of recommendations of public policy, the offer of professional support in the phase of the implementation of the recommendations, and the budget.  In terms of the culmination of the project, it can fluctuate between four to six months.  The necessary time interval for the conclusion of the project can be calculated with a certain level of confidence once the bureau conducts the preliminary exploration of the magnitude of the criminal problem in the Latin American country adopting the anticrime plan.

The project focuses upon multiple areas of simultaneous intervention following a scientific and practical plan to diminish the criminality that affects the population, commerce, tourism and the industrial sector of Latin American countries at any given moment.  The formulations of public policy that are offered within the project correspond to immediate, short and long-term measures. The project also contains a guide for implementation with a chronological approach (by stages) to put in practice the recommendations formulated by the professional team of the Bureau of Anticrime Policy.

Countries in Latin America are experiencing the signs of an "economic crisis” which has accelerated the problem of crime even more. Therefore, an intervention of this nature is needed to address a chronic pattern of criminality throughout the Latin American geopolitical landscape. In reference to the imminent economic crisis particularly threatening Latin America, the subject of the necessity of a strategic intervention to deal with this menace was mentioned during a recent summit of Latin American countries in Brazil (December 18, 2008).  During this meeting, an urgent call was made at the level of the United Nations to implement mechanisms and necessary measures to slow down the sinister effects of the global economic crisis looming in Latin America.  By its mission and nature, the Bureau of Anticrime Policy provides a multilateral anticrime project that endorses the application of preventive measures and corrective mechanisms to diminish one of the ominous consequences of any economic crisis: the intensification of criminality and the incremental victimization of citizens.